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Map view

Europe‘s motocross-tracks in your hand

618 MX tracks in France, 339 in Germany, 294 in Italy, 177 in Sweden, 122 in Spain, 122 in the UK and many more all over Europe!

You are always supplied with the newest data as soon as you launch the app - no hassles no hidden costs an all inclusive service.

Practice- or racetrack?

New in this version is the visible distinction of tracks each with a specific icon. You can easily distinguish between tracks open to public, for club members only and tracks open for race events only.

Key informations at a glance

With one look you can realize the opening days of the tracks, how far your are away and ratings of other App users about the track as well as wether there are photos of the track.

Display the track alphabetically by name or by distance form you current location. You can bookmark any track to your personal favorites list.

List view

Filter is at your service

What good is an ever growing list of information if you cannot find what you're looking for!? Filter the tracks you can ride on the next thursday and saturday, see tracks open for race only, list just the tracks in your home country or maybe just in Italy if you plan to go for a motocross vacation.

Let‘s dig deep!

Get all the information of a selected track. See pictures of the track you're planning to ride on, comments and ratings of other app users. Submit your own photos, comments and ratings right from your iPhone/iPad. You don't have cellular reception or you're in a foreign country? Don't bother the next time you have Wifi and start the app the data is pushed to our servers

Detail view


Further options and
driving directions to the track

At the bottom of the track's detail you have important functions right under your fingers. See the current track on a map, see other tracks nearby the current one, report changes to the track's info or report a new track, add the track to your favorites list. The "Action button" allows you to send info about the track via email, messages, Facebook and Twitter as well as navigate directly to the tracks entrance gate using the built in Apple Maps app, Google Maps*, TomTom* or Navigon* (* if installed on your device)


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