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1. Right after launch the app is irresponsive - there's no reaction.

2. Why is the distance to the track not correct?

3. While i am on the road i cannot see the pictures.

After installation of the App the pictures are loaded “online” so you need a data connection so get them. If you plan to travel to low data speed/connection areas or abroad you can make the App to pre download all the pictures. Choose “Preferences” from the side bar menu und activate “Make pictures available offline”. “mx tracks” will then immediately download all the pictures for all the tracks as long as the App is active. If you switch the App to the background download will stop and resume as soon as it is active again.
ATTENTION depending on the setting “Load pictures on Wifi only” this will consume cellular data.

4. Do i need a WIFI connection for photo up-/download?

5. How data is transferred with the automatic data update upon launch of the app?

  1. 6.Why doesn't the picture i just uploaded show up in track's detail?

7. The comments and ratings on my favorite track are horrible and wrong it got only 1 star!

8. Why can’t i see track “XYZ” in my list?

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