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1. Right after launch the app is irresponsive - there's no reaction.

2. Why is the distance to the track not correct?

3. While i am on the road i cannot see the pictures.

4. Do i need a WIFI connection for photo up-/download?

5. How data is transferred with the automatic data update upon launch of the app?

Each day there is an automatic one time update check with our servers. The data amount transferred varies between 500 und 1000 characters.
If the preference “Load pictures on Wifi only” IS NOT ACTIVATED, metadata information about new pictures and all the new comments/ratings from other users are loaded each time you start or bring the app to the foreground. This amount of data varies from 250 bytes to several thousand bytes depending on how much user activity has been there since your last App start.

  1. 6.Why doesn't the picture i just uploaded show up in track's detail?

7. The comments and ratings on my favorite track are horrible and wrong it got only 1 star!

8. Why can’t i see track “XYZ” in my list?

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