FAQ / Frequently asked questions ...


1. Right after launch the app is irresponsive - there's no reaction.

2. Why is the distance to the track not correct?

3. While i am on the road i cannot see the pictures.

4. Do i need a WIFI connection for photo up-/download?

5. How data is transferred with the automatic data update upon launch of the app?

6. Why doesn't the picture i just uploaded show up in track's detail?

7. The comments and ratings on my favorite track are horrible and wrong it got only 1 star!

8. Why can’t i see track “XYZ” in my list?

There may be multiple reasons for this:
1. WORST CASE: We deleted the track because we where notified it does not exist anymore! :-(
2. Check your filter settings!
- In the track list view touch the “Filter” button

in the bottom right corner of your phone. The Filter view is displayed.
- Touch “No filter” in the upper left corner - this clears ALL previously set filters.
- check the country settings and if needed touch the country filter line.
- select “All” in the bottom left corner of the filter screen.
- Touch the “Done” button in the upper right corner of your screen.
That’s it! Now you see all the more than 2.000 tracks we currently have in our database. If you can’t find the track you look for - let us know it’s name and approximated location and we will research any info we can find on the vast space of the internet and add the track!

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