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1. Right after launch the app is irresponsive - there's no reaction.

2. Why is the distance to the track not correct?

3. While i am on the road i cannot see the pictures.

4. Do i need a WIFI connection for photo up-/download?

The short answer is NO - but…
If you do have a data volume limited contract or pre-paid card we recommend using the preference “Load pictures on Wifi only” set to ON! Pictures and comments/ratings of others users will then only be downloaded if your iPhone/iPad has an active WIFI connection.

5. How data is transferred with the automatic data update upon launch of the app?

  1. 6.Why doesn't the picture i just uploaded show up in track's detail?

7. The comments and ratings on my favorite track are horrible and wrong it got only 1 star!

8. Why can’t i see track “XYZ” in my list?

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